MRCPsych Paper A revision

Important note

This resource is mapped to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' current curriculum. It is designed for those preparing for the Paper A exam. It covers sections 1-5 of the revised curriculum as follows:

  • 1) Behavioural Science and Socio-cultural Psychiatry
  • 2) Human Development
  • 3) Basic Neurosciences
  • 4) Clinical Psychopharmacology
  • 5) Classification and Assessment in Psychiatry

Description of resource

Our Paper A online course gives you unlimited access to an expanding bank of over 2000 questions including many questions from previous exams. All of our questions are in the same format as those found in the actual MRCPsych exam ('best answer 1 of 5' style MCQs and EMIs) and are based on both previous exam questions and the college syllabus. We focus on core questions that are likely to come up in the exams and constantly review our question bank making sure only the questions of the highest quality remain on the site. It is crucial that as you revise you get experience of answering questions under exam conditions. We recognise this and so offer you the opportunity to do practice timed tests as often as you wish for no added cost. These tests can be tailored to suit your needs.

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Revision mode, timed tests, extensive performance analysis and powerful question review functions. Not only are MRCPsychmentor questions accompanied by answers there are also revision notes under each question. Flag questions, add your own revision notes and much more...

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As well as our established, conventional question banks MRCPsychmentor has developed the knowledge tutor. We've taken the results of the latest trials in memory science and applied them to medical revision. What this means in practice is a powerful system that drills key, high-yield, exam-relevant facts into you.