About us

MRCPsychmentor is run by consultant psychiatrists and focusses entirely on the written papers for the MRCPsych exam. We set up the site a number of years ago as we saw a need for a high quality revision aid that would be reasonably priced. Whilst preparing for the exam ourselves we became frustrated at paying high prices for questions that had incorrect answers and were poorly worded.

We created a new site with an emphasis on quality along with important additional features. The site enables you to compare your performance with your peers so that you are able to gauge how prepared you are for the exam.

We now have a huge database of questions including many from previous exams. Since we began the site has surpassed our expectations and we now estimate that over 80% of trainees use our resource.

Feel free to check out our demo questions and then register to begin your preparation towards passing the MRCPsych exam.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why choose MRCPsychmentor?

MRCPsychmentor is an established resource that has proven to be immensely popular. There are however a few other sites you could use for your exam preparation. Some of these are of a reasonable quality and are worth a look. None of these offers such an extensive database, combined with peer reviewed questions, and a system that provides you with feedback on your performance at such a competitive price. MRCPsychmentor offers all of this along with timed tests that simulate the experience of the exam.

2. Do your questions reflect those found in the exam?

Yes, our questions are written by a team of consultant psychiatrists in accordance with the syllabus produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. We analyse the questions using a data metric analysis similar to that used by the College to ensure that questions that would not appear in the exam are removed. This means that you don't waste time on questions that are too hard or difficult and wouldn't be found in the actual exam.

3. Do you included questions from previous exams?

Yes, lots. Up to 50% of the exam questions will be repeated from previous exams so we focus on including a high volume of these.

4. Do I need to use the new paper format or can I just use the old papers?

2015 marks the introduction of the new papers A and B. These replace the old papers 1, 2, and 3. This change reflects a change in the curriculum. It will not be adequate to continue using the old papers because the topics have been substantially rearranged. This will mean that if you use and old style paper resource for the new papers you will miss important areas of the syllabus in your exam preparation.

5. How should I approach answering the questions?

Questions can be answered by category or can be selected at random. We suggest using the random allocation as there may be clues to the answer based on the category you are practicing. Additionally, the random allocation equates to the experience of the actual exam.