MRCPsych Paper B subscription options


Important note

This resource is mapped to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' new curriculum. It is ideal for those preparing for the new Paper B exam and for those still requiring a pass in Paper 3.

It covers sections 6-14 of the revised curriculum as follows:

  • 6) Organisation and delivery of Psychiatric Services
  • 7) General Adult Psychiatry
  • 8) Old Age Psychiatry
  • 9) Psychotherapy
  • 10) Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 11) Substance Misuse/Addictions
  • 12) Forensic Psychiatry
  • 13) Learning Disability
  • 14) Research Methods, Statistics, Critical Review, and Evidence-Based Practice
The new Paper B exam differs significantly from the old Paper 3 exam. Areas such as Epidemiology have been moved from Paper 2 to Paper B, the Psychotherapy has been merged between Paper 1 and 3 into Paper B, aspects of Psychology have been moved into Paper B from Papers 1 and 2 (we could go on and on!) Also, new areas of the curriculum have been introduced such as the 'Organisation and Delivery of Psychiatric Services' which opens the door for new questions never seen before.

In view of these changes we strongly advise all candidates planning to sit the new Paper B exam to use this resource and not the traditional Paper 3 resources. Using older resources will mean that you are not fully prepared for the questions you will encounter during the exam. The College will not be offering Paper 3 specific Exams for those people only requiring a pass in Paper 3 and you'll be expected to pass Paper B.

Description of resource

Our Paper B online course gives you unlimited access to an expanding bank of nearly 2000 questions including many questions from previous exams. All of our questions are in the same format as those found in the actual MRCPsych exam ('best answer 1 of 5' style MCQs and EMIs), and are based on both previous exam questions and the college syllabus. We focus on core questions that are likely to come up in the exams and constantly review our question bank making sure only the questions of the highest quality remain on the site.

It is crucial that as you revise you get experience of answering questions under exam conditions. We recognise this and so offer you the opportunity to do practice timed tests as often as you wish for no added cost. These tests can be tailored to suit your needs.