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Mock Paper B – FREE Resource

Have I done enough to pass?

Find out with our Mock Paper B resource. It’s as close as it gets to the actual RCPsych exam. The questions included map onto the college syllabus in the same proportions as in the final exam. In our resource you’ll have the same time available as in the real exam so you'll know if you can perform under pressure. This mock is not for the faint hearted, it’s tough!!

Why is this resource free, what's the catch?

There is no catch. We are providing this for free for a limited time only. It's a two way relationship, we provide the questions in the hope that you'll provide the feedback so we can improve the quality of the resource. Please let us know if you spot any errors (be they factual or grammatical). All our questions are written and reviewed by consultant psychiatrists but nothing compares to the peer review of thousands of users.

Can you tell me something more about the FREE mock resource?

The mock paper is three hours long and contains 200 marks. The paper is comprised of approximately two-thirds MCQs and one-third EMIs. All questions are new and are not included in the standard question banks.

The critical review component makes up one-third of the paper, with the remaining two-thirds covering clinical topics (of which approximately 30% will be General Adult Psychiatry).

The mock paper B covers the following sections of the syllabus:
  • 6) Organisation and Delivery of Psychiatric Services
  • 7) General Adult Psychiatry
  • 8) Old Age Psychiatry
  • 9) Psychotherapy
  • 10) Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 11) Substance Misuse/Addictions
  • 12) Forensic Psychiatry
  • 13) Psychiatry of Learning Disability
  • 14) Critical Review