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Mock Paper B revision

Mock Paper B

Are you ready for the final exam? Have you covered all areas of the syllabus? Can you work effectively under examination conditions? Our Mock B resource will help you answer these questions. It accurately reflects the Paper B Royal College of Psychiatrists exam.

The mock paper is three hours long and contains 150 marks. The paper is comprised of approximately two-thirds MCQs and one-third EMIs. All questions are new and are not included in the standard question banks.

The critical review component makes up one-third of the paper, with the remaining two-thirds covering clinical topics (of which approximately 30% will be General Adult Psychiatry).

The mock paper B covers the following sections of the syllabus:

  • 6) Organisation and Delivery of Psychiatric Services
  • 7) General Adult Psychiatry
  • 8) Old Age Psychiatry
  • 9) Psychotherapy
  • 10) Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 11) Substance Misuse/Addictions
  • 12) Forensic Psychiatry
  • 13) Psychiatry of Learning Disability
  • 14) Critical Review